Why Cast Iron Patio Furniture?

Top Reasons Why Cast Iron Patio Furniture Might be the Best Choice

You have finally set up a wonderful patio in your backyard and the only thing you need now is a set of patio furniture.  But what style should you choose?  There are many styles available including everything from fabric and wood, PVC frames with vinyl seats, and even cast iron patio furniture.  Below are but a few reasons why cast iron patio furniture might be the best choice for your patio. 

Sense of Style

A set of cast iron patio furniture instantly gives a sense of class and sophistication to your patio area.  They come in a multitude of colors, including rust-red, gold, silver, hunter-green, and of course the classic black.  

Also, the intricate designs of flowers, plants, or other garden features carved out of the cast iron will definitely add another conversation piece to your garden party.


Of course, cast iron patio furniture is known to complement every fashion trend in patio covers and cushions that you can throw at it.  Just about any color and any type of material that one can bring to the patio can be incorporated into the theme with a good set of cast iron patio furniture. 

Ease of Care

Unlike many sets of patio furniture, which require a lot of labor intensive maintenance to keep their show-room beauty, cast iron patio furniture requires very little care.  Usually a quick wipe down with a damp cloth or a quick dusting with a rag is all that is needed to keep the furniture looking wonderful.  In fact, the cushions on the wrought iron chairs will probably require more care than any of the pieces of cast iron.

Quality Construction

Many sets of patio furniture today are mass produced in such a way that sometimes the quality of the construction is suspect.  With a set of cast iron patio furniture, however, the construction is sure to be solid and of quality workmanship.  A piece of furniture that is based upon iron can most certainly stand up to the rigors of outdoor life better than one based upon plastic.

A Sense of Permanance and Solidity 

Cast iron patio furniture is solid and heavy producing an impression of quality. Other outdoor furniture materials such as plastic can seem light and flimsy by comparison and can easily be tossed around by stormy winds.

As has been stated, there are a number of reasons why cast iron patio furniture might just be the best choice to liven up your brand new patio space.  Because of its classic styling, quality construction, and ease of maintenance, this type of patio furniture can become a welcome addition to your garden party.

An alternative to cast iron is wrought iron patio furniture.









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