Hanamint Patio Furniture

Hanamint Corporation – Makers of Premium Hanamint Patio Furniture

Hanamint patio furniture includes a large range of casual patio furniture products as well as patio accessories created from cast iron and cast aluminum materials by the Hanamint Corporation Inc., which was established in 1993.

Hanamint patio furniture products possess a sterling reputation as the premium patio and garden furniture products in the country today because of the corporation’s strict adherence to quality, innovation, customer service, best business practices, and continuing development of strategic alliances.

Innovative Designs

Each Hanamint patio furniture product is an embodiment of the corporation’s dedication to quality and innovations in terms of styling and designs. Hanamint patio furniture designs are heavily awarded, and the company has received industry recognition for its design and utility patents. Despite its position as an industry leader and its experience gained from ten years in the outdoor furniture market, the company does not take its reputation for granted and continues to push the creative envelope.

Comprehensive range of Hanamint Patio Furniture Products

You will have a good time deciding which Hanamint patio furniture product to purchase, as the company offers an extensive collection of wicker patio sets, bistro sets, as well as sling patio furniture. 
The company also offers patio furniture accessories ranging from patio umbrellas to benches and teacarts. You can be sure that when you go shopping for the ultimate patio furniture you will leave the store with an assortment of Hanamint accessories as well.  

Excellent Guarantees 

Hanamint Corporation Inc. provides the original retail buyer of the Hanamint Patio Furniture the following privileges if the furniture frame fails structurally within five years from date of purchase.  Depending on the following available options, the company may decide to replace the defective part, the entire item, or simply repair the frame alone.

The company may replace the item in the original color or design style as long as there is an existing Hanamint patio furniture product of the same make and design available. If not, then another item of Hanamint patio furniture will be given of the same or equal value to the original buyer.

Even today, the Hanamint Corporation continues to work hard at improving existing product lines, as well as creating innovative Hanamint patio furniture. You’ll find some of these activities going on at their new product design center that includes prototype manufacturing capabilities. The center carries out laboratory testing and manufactures and tests patio furniture prototypes.

If you are in the market for high quality patio furniture be sure to check out the product range of Hanamint Corporation Inc.









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