Iron Patio Furniture 

Is iron patio furniture for you?

Watch what happens to the ambience in your patio when you place iron patio furniture pieces on it. You have made your patio elegant, sophisticated, and yet strangely timeless.  For despite the advent of aluminum, steel, wicker, rattan, and wooden patio furniture, iron patio furniture provides that definitive grace that discriminating patio owners seek.

Iron Furniture Is Durable

Iron patio furniture is the right choice for your personal oasis if you seek patio furniture that is durable, weather resistant, and heavy. A well-maintained set of iron patio furniture will last a hundred years, and you will be able to pass this set on to the next generation in the family.

In addition, because it is heavy you will not have to worry about your iron patio furniture being tossed around when strong winds blow. However it can be a challenge if you like to rearrange your patio furniture on a regular basis. 

Wrought iron and cast iron are both used to manufacture patio furniture. Wrought iron is specially prized because it is can easily be shaped. The major disadvantage of iron patio furniture is that it does rust very easily if the bare metal is exposed to water.

The Difference Between Wrought and Cast Iron
Wrought iron furniture undergoes forging – the state where a metal, in this case the iron, is heated until it becomes malleable after which it is then hammered into a desired shape. To prevent rusting, the wrought iron patio furniture is rust proofed. You can expect to pay anywhere from $350.00 to $1,400.00 for wrought iron patio chaises.

In the case of processing cast iron furniture, the iron is melted until it is liquid enough to be cast in a mould. Once the metal has cooled off the cast is then removed. Choose cast iron patio furniture if you live in areas where there are heavy winds.     
Wrought or Cast Iron?

Because both processes ensure iron patio furniture is durable, your reason for selecting will all boil down to your needs in the matter of the patio furniture design considerations. These will be simple details, such as do you prefer finishing from the primer, the colors, the manufacturer, and, of course, your budget.   
However, one thing is clear, if you want your iron patio furniture to last a lifetime, you will need to conduct regular inspections to ensure no surface is rusting, sanding the spots that have rust, and applying mineral oil to all the spots.








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