Metal Patio Furniture for a Classic Look

Materials Used for Metal Patio Furniture

Sitting on metal patio furniture in a stylish French provincial design can remind one of being seated at a French café. Your imagination can enjoy the sights and sounds of Paris while sipping on an espresso, or you being whisked away and find yourself seated in the midst of the French Quarter of New Orleans listening to jazz while eating prawns and pralines.

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Whatever material you choose for your patio furniture, created in the style you wish, it is important to remember that the patio furniture will be distinctly yours.  It should reflect the atmosphere you wish to create for your enjoyment and the enjoyment of others. Metal patio furniture can be molded into exquisite designs that can add a very stylish look to your patio.  Some of these designs could include: French provincial, the look of a Spanish hacienda, or a Mediterranean design, etc.

When considering metal patio furniture it is important to realize that there are two types. These are iron patio furniture and aluminium patio furniture.

Wrought Iron

There are advantages in the selection of metal patio furniture created with wrought iron.  The first advantage is its weight.  On a windy and blustery day, the breezes of spring and the sudden storms of summer can cause the winds to gust significantly. The sheer weight of metal patio furniture will ensure that these pieces stay in place, therefore preventing damage to your investment.  Wrought iron patio furniture has a substantial, solid appearance. 

A disadvantage of the selection of wrought iron patio furniture is its susceptibility to the elements.  Wrought iron is affected its environment; thus, in chilly weather it will become cold to the touch, and in hot weather it can become very hot.  Additionally, it is vulnerable to oxidation and therefore rust will be created on iron patio furniture. Careful attention should be given to metal patio furniture.  Any cracks in the finish should be touched up with paint, while cleaning of the furniture can be done with mild soap and water. 


The other metal that is predominantly used in metal patio furniture is aluminum.  The advantage of this material is that it is lightweight which allows for the item to be easily moved and packed up.  You also get the stylish look of metal without it taking on the heat or cold of the environment, and some products can offer a 15-year warranty. 

The disadvantage, which is also its advantage, of aluminum is its weight – a mild gust of wind can easily pick up the lightweight piece of furniture and toss it about.

Your care of aluminum patio furniture should include protecting it with a coat of car wax or mineral oil.  In addition, dirt can be removed with a mild soapy solution and rinsed off with water.







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