Outdoor barstools make a great addition to your patio. Choose barstools that will complement your outdoor patio furniture and remember to design your outdoor bar with the height of the stools in mind.

Outdoor Barstools

Outdoor barstools are used in home and commercial areas for gardens, balconies, patios, and decks. Outdoor barstools make it possible to enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of your own garden, yard, or poolside. They help extend the living and entertaining area of your home into a natural environment. A variety of styles and designs are available in outdoor barstools to suit the look and feel of your backyard.

When you are choosing outdoor barstools, you’ll need to consider the type of material used to create them. The ideal outdoor barstool material is resistant to climate changes. Since the outdoor barstools will be exposed to the elements for at least part of the year, this is an important consideration. The outdoor barstools could be exposed to sun, rain, heat, dust and cold temperatures, depending on how often they were used.

Choose outdoor barstools that are weather resistant and easy to clean. Metal outdoor barstools tend to last longer than other varieties, and wooden outdoor barstools need to be specially treated for the elements. Purchasing weather resistant outdoor barstools will prevent you from needing to move them when the weather changes. You may also want to consider getting folding outdoor barstools for easy transport.

Outdoor barstools are available without backs or arms, however these features normally make them more comfortable to use. Other choices for outdoor barstools include swivel or stationary designs. Make sure to take careful measurements of the table or bar where the outdoor barstools are to be used. You’ll want to choose an outdoor barstool that is 10 to 13 inches lower that the counter top. This will provide maximum comfort for your guests and ensure that your outdoor barstools will be used frequently.

Outdoor barstools are available from local home improvement and furniture stores. They can also be purchased online from several retailers.

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