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Three Top Reasons for Buying an Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover

The furniture on your patio is subject to conditions that you would never dream of subjecting yourself, or even your indoor furniture, to.   Depending on your geographical location, your patio furniture could be subjected to rain, hail, snowfall, and even the sun.  Because of all these things, and many others, the purchase of an outdoor patio furniture cover is a great investment.

Reason #1  Protection from the Sun

Believe it or not, the sun's rays are perhaps the most damaging things to your patio furniture and cushions that they will ever encounter.  The sun's rays over time can lead to fading, cracking, and peeling of the paint on your patio furniture.  The simple act of placing an outdoor patio furniture cover on top of your chairs will extend the life of the furniture for years.

Reason #2  Protection from the Rain

Like anything outside, patio furniture can take a tremendous beating from the torrential rainstorms that can come during the summer months.  Between the high winds, rain, and sometimes even hail, even patio furniture with the strongest of construction can get damaged in these conditions. While removing the patio furniture indoors to an area where they won't get wet would be best, a quick covering with an outdoor patio furniture cover would be a good idea when the storm clouds begin to gather.

Reason #3  Protection from Animals

One of the reasons that most people get a patio or porch for their backyard is to watch and enjoy the neighborhood wild life.  However, after you're done sipping your lemonade and have gone inside, these same animals can, and often do, damage your patio furniture.  From staining due to bird droppings, to tears caused by small animals, any bare furniture is at risk.  An outdoor patio furniture cover can add a much needed layer of protection from the little critters that can cause serious damage.

What to Buy

So the question remains, exactly what do you look for when visiting your local patio furniture store in search of patio furniture covers?  There are many types of covers out there, but a few common characteristics are held by all the quality ones.  The first, of course, is the material that makes up the cover.  It should be knitted closely together and made of material that would shed water and be resistant to tearing.  A common material used because of these requirements is plastic or vinyl. 

Another characteristic to look for when shopping for outdoor patio furniture covers is whether or not to have a gathered edge at the bottom.  The ability to hug the piece of furniture means that the cover is more likely to stay in place.

So, with a little planning, your patio furniture can last many years without suffering fading, cracking, or other wear and tear from the elements.  A simple outdoor patio furniture cover might just be the first and best step taken.









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