Patio Furniture - Vital Accessories

Once you have decided upon your style of patio furniture you must consider what accessories you will need. Three of the top acessories are cushions, umbrellas and patio furniture covers. These are important if you want to  use your purchase in maximum comfort and protect and preserve your outdoor furniture from the elements.

Patio Furniture Cushions: For Comfort 

Any patio chair would be incomplete without the right cushion.  Do not make the mistake of buying the best wood or material there is and then putting in some cheap cushions which spoils their appearance.

Make sure that you do not compromise on the quality because any compromise here would actually ruin the effect of the best and most expensive wood. At the same time, the right patio furniture cushion can make cheaper style patio furniture into an eye-stopping and comfortable experience.

patio furniture cushionsThe best thing when you go for patio furniture cushion is to look out for thick and soft cushions. The best are  the ones which are made to match your brand/model of patio furniture. For a patio furniture cushion you should know exactly what size, type and how thick you want your cushion to be.

Patio Furniture Umbrella:
A Must on Hot Summer Dayspatio furniture umbrella

Patio furniture is something extensively used and appreciated during summer when we all leave our homes to enjoy the fresh air and outdoor beauty; however, with the summer comes the hot sun so a patio furniture umbrella is a must.

There are various things you need to consider when buying a patio furniture umbrella:

  • Location in the garden and the size of the umbrella
  • One that fits through a hole in the table or one that is freestanding
  • The frame (wood or metal) and the material of the umbrella. This will depend upon the type of furniture you already have on your patio.
  • How the patio furniture umbrella can be tilted - there are three tilt methods

No patio is complete without a patio furniture umbrella, not only because it is important to protect you from the sun’s damaging rays, but also because of the fact that it protects your outdoor furniture from premature aging and weather damage.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers

The furniture on your patio is likely to be subjected to rain, hail, snowfall, and even the sun!  Because of all these things, and many others, the purchase of an outdoor patio furniture cover is almost essential.

Surprisingly perhaps, the sun's rays are possibly the most damaging thing that your patio furniture and cushions  will ever encounter. Over time they can lead to fading, cracking, and peeling of the paint on your patio furniture and the drying out and cracking of wood.  Placing an outdoor patio furniture cover on top of your table and chairs will extend the life of the furniture for years.

Patio furniture can take a tremendous beating from rainstorms.  High winds, rain, and sometimes even hail, can damage even the strongest patio furniture.

While removing the patio furniture to an area where they won't get wet would be best, an outdoor patio furniture cover would be a good idea when the storm clouds begin to gather.

Another reason to use a patio furniture cover is to protect your patio furniture from damage by animals, for example, bird droppings, and scratches caused by small animals. 

So when you are buying your furniture at your local patio furniture store be sure to remember to buy the accessories you will need.







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