Patio Furniture Umbrella

Patio Furniture Umbrella: A Must for Hot Summer Days

Patio furniture is something extensively used and appreciated during summer when we all leave our homes to enjoy the fresh air and outdoor beauty; however, with the summer comes the sun, which we all are aware is not good for direct exposure to our skin. To avoid serious damage that can lead, in turn, to premature aging and some serious diseases, a patio furniture umbrella is a must.

Choosing a Patio Furniture Umbrella

Today with the wide choices available on the market it has become more difficult to choose rather than easier; at the same time, you can definitely find exactly the design of patio furniture umbrella to match your style and patio design. Here are a few tips:

  • Location – First thing that one should consider is where on your patio/backyard are you going to place the umbrella; this will help you decide on the size. There are two types of patio furniture umbrellas – the one that goes through the table in a custom made hole and the freestanding umbrella, which is usually very large and can cover a huge area.

  • The umbrella stand – This will be determined by the type of umbrella you want. If you have chosen an umbrella that goes through the table, the stand can be lighter as the table will provide support, but if it is a free standing umbrella you will have to get a heavy stand in order to hold it against any kind of weather/winds.

  • Umbrella frame – There are two types of umbrella frames: wood and metal. Choosing one of them will mainly depend on the type of furniture you already have on your patio.

  • Tilt of the patio furniture umbrella – Here too you are given the choice of three tilt methods: collar tilt, crank tilt, and push button tilt. This is, of course, a matter of what one prefers best as they all perform equally well.

  • Material – This is important depending on the use of the umbrella. The most commonly used materials are PVC, canvas, and shade cloth. The PVC is probably the best choice as it blocks UV rays 100% and is most durable; while the others are not far behind, which material one picks in the end is once again a matter of preference.

No patio is complete without a patio furniture umbrella, not only because it is important for your health to protect you from the sun’s damaging rays, but also for the fact that it protects your other furniture from premature weather damage. Have a great summer under the shade of a patio furniture umbrella.

Another important accessory is a cover for your outdoor furniture. Your patio furniture is exposed to sunshine, wind and rain throughout the year and without a patio furniture cover it will soon begin to look past its best.









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