When designing your outside space your patio furniture and its accessories are normally at the centre of your design. But don't forget all the other items of garden furnishings from garden gnomes to bird feeders that can add color and interest to your garden decor.

Ideas For Patio Garden Decor


The outdoor patio is a popular place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Many people like to entertain on their patio and want a place that will help their guests feel comfortable. There are many decorating elements available to make your patio a special place for relaxing and entertaining. Even if you have a small patio area, you can still add some items of garden decor to make it a place of relaxation and beauty. Here are some ideas for you to consider when decorating your patio.

The patio furniture usually takes center stage when it comes to garden decor. You will need to take a measurement of the area where you plan to place the furniture so you will have an idea of how much furniture to purchase. Be sure to allow extra space for patio furniture that moves such as a patio glider or swing. Popular furniture decorating themes now for patios are wicker, iron, and teak. Make sure you will have room to move around the patio once you have placed the furniture in it. If you plan on entertaining on your patio you will need to have lots of room for people to move around freely. Choose patio items that will take the weather elements well depending on the climate where you live. Decorative patio cushions can help bring color and style to your patio furniture and is an easy (and affordable) way to update older patio furniture.

Every patio garden needs some plants. These can be either in large pots or the hanging type. Make the plants take center stage on your patio by placing them in decorative pots, on plant stands, or in wall hangers. Try to achieve a balance on the patio by putting plants at different heights. When purchasing your plants be sure to take into account how much sun they will receive on the patio. Some plants do well with a lot of sun, and others will need more shady conditions to thrive. If you enjoy gardening, then a patio is the perfect place to try your hand at container gardening. I’ve grown an assortment of herbs on my back patio, and have been very satisfied with the results.

Other elements of garden decor to consider for your patio include wind chimes, garden gnomes, and gazing balls. These items can help to personalize any patio even if you do not have a large amount of patio space. Stepping stones or pavers can add visual interest to the garden decor, and you can attract birds by hanging a bird feeder or bird house. You might even consider adding some plants that will attract butterflies and enjoy watching the different varieties that will come by.

There are many options available now for patio garden decor. Choose which ones will make your patio a special place to enjoy the outdoors.

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