Plastic Patio Furniture for Easy Care

Why Choose Plastic Patio Furniture?

The most obvious motivation for choosing plastic patio furniture is its superior resistance to all sorts of weather conditions: showers, hot sun, snowfall, chlorine, and saltwater. It is better to get molded plastic chairs and tables as compared to wrought iron or aluminum furniture because it is better at withstanding what nature can throw at it. Plastic patio furniture is especially practical if your house has a patio that is particularly exposed to the weather, i.E. It lacks an awning or some other type of cover.

Adding to the pros, plastic chairs offer the greater convenience of easy portability, and are now available in various colors and designs.

Usually, plastic patio furniture is less costly than furniture made from tubular metal.

New Trends in Plastic Patio Furniture    

Gone are the days when plastic furniture looked a bit flimsy. The design of modern plastic patio furniture has greatly increased its popularity. Manufacturers now use High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a harder, stronger, and heavier variety of polyethylene, to make plastic patio furniture for homes. The appearance of HDPE is wax-like, lacking luster, and opaque, while the use of UV-stabilizators (carbon black) improves its resistance to weather. Painted, it would resemble wood, but be safe from cracking, splintering, warping, or rotting.

Ease of Maintainance

With these qualities of durability, economy, and weather resistance, people have nearly gone a fortiori on plastic patio furniture. Certainly the ease of maintenance that comes with choosing plastic items for the patio counts. Whether you use soap and warm water or chlorinated water, you do not need to worry about how you wash plastic patio furniture. Bleach, water and power wash can be used without any concern about the loss of color or the fading of the furniture set. Normally, it will last many years.

Adirondack and Other Styles in Plastic Patio Furniture   

While a variety of colors and styles are available in choosing your set, the Adirondack style has recently become very popular for plastic furniture. Introduced by Thomas Lee in the early 1900s (originally as a wood item), the Adirondack style offers a classic curved back or shellback style of seat.

The plastic Adirondack chair style is the same as in the prototype, characterized by a high, angled back, sloping seat, and wide arms. Typically, it is a design for relaxation while allowing holding your favorite drink or ice cream bar, resting on its arms.

Other popular styles available in plastic patio furniture chairs include Classic Bistro Dining Set, Pergola Dining Set, Sage Green and Saga Green Sets, Willow Dining Sets and many others. 

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