Telescope Patio Furniture

Five Reasons to Explore Telescope Patio Furniture

There are many different patio furniture companies in the market for the discerning customer to choose from.  Between the various manufacturers of wood, plastic, and even metal patio furniture, one manufacturer is slowly becoming one of the most respected in the industry and with good reason. 

Below are a number of important reasons why Telescope patio furniture is becoming one of the most sought after brands on the market.

  1. High Quality
    Telescope patio furniture is one of the highest quality brands of outdoor furniture in the available today.  Constructed out of high strength aluminum and the surface painted expertly to a powder coat finish, the construction is one of the best in the business with the welds holding up to extreme abuse and pressure.

  2. 15-Year Warranty
    There's no surprise that with such quality construction, that Telescope patio furniture would offer such a great warranty.  Their 15-year quality warranty includes their outdoor furniture frame, powder coat finish, and the welds that holds the whole thing together. Unlike other companies out there who offer only five or maybe seven year warranty covering just a few aspects of the patio furniture, this company is known for their long, comprehensive warranty.

  3. Great Choice of Styles
    Unlike some of the other patio brands out there that can offer only a few styles, Telescope patio furniture offers a myriad of styles.  From their sling back chairs to the classically styled table sets, Telescope patio furniture is known for their great style and fashion sense.

  4. Longevity
    Recently, Telescope patio furniture celebrated 100 years of service to its customers, and quality construction of strong aluminum. Given the amount of time that this company has been serving and creating classic patio furniture, it is absolutely no wonder that Telescope patio furniture is one of the most popular brands around.

  5. Return Customer Sales
    Perhaps one of the strongest reasons to consider Telescope patio furniture is the fact that they have some of the greatest number of return customers in the business.  Any company that has such a strong history of satisfied customer must be making quality patio furniture.

As you can clearly see by the reasons given above, Telescope patio furniture is a brand name that has stood the test of time for quality craftsmanship in patio furniture.  With its strong aluminum construction, powder finish paint detailing, and quality welding, and 15-year quality warranty, this is one type of patio furniture that won’t disappoint you.








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