Woodard Patio Furniture

A Brief History of Woodard Patio Furniture

The family name Woodard dates back to medieval Britain. The word woodard is derived from Old English words wode (wood) and ward (keeper). Literally, a woodard is a guardian of wood, or a forester. In America, woodard is best known for the Woodard family that introduced Woodard patio furniture.

What history can tell us with confidence is that Charles Woodard (born around 1757), son of William Woodard (died around 1774), settled in South Carolina, and founded a family of farmers and professionals.       


How the Woodards Began Crafting Furniture

In the later part of 1817, Charles Woodard and his family traveled to Alabama, in the form of a caravan, to settled there. On the new land, the new comers had to hew trees and make cabins. To survive in the wilderness, men did the hunting and farming and made furniture and household implements from the hewed wood, while the women took care of cooking and making clothes.

Advent of Woodard Patio Furniture

Lyman Woodard is remembered as the founder of Woodard Patio Furniture, which started in the 1930s as a collection of wrought-iron furniture. As the innovation became popular, a variety of materials were tested to be used for the manufacture of outdoor furniture, aimed at enabling people to enjoy evenings on the patio. The most important of these were cast aluminium and tubular aluminum.

Woodard Patio Furniture Develops

Over time, it became popular to enjoy small family gatherings outdoors making use of easily movable furniture. This drove Woodard to try light-weight tubular aluminum as a material to manufacture its patio furniture products. Soon, cast aluminum was employed for manufacturing outdoor furniture; however, the tradition of making handcrafted wrought-iron furniture continues to this day with emphasis on design innovation and comfort. Using fancy cushions in patio chairs is one instance of this trend.

Spots to Eye Woodard Patio Furniture

While many online sources offer a selection of Woodard Patio Furniture, Woodrad-furniture.com and Patios USA are two brilliant sites to see the products and their elegant style. Woodrad-furniture.com presents site visitors with a design guide and places to buy Woodard Patio Furniture in the whole of the USA (by state name) and some cities in Canada. Patios USA is the online store for providing a selection of patio and wicker furniture, and FIREPLACE FIXTURES for the home. It has a collection of various Woodard Patio Furniture styles like Woodard Alta Vista, Woodard Aurora, Woodard Barbados, and so on, sorted by the type of material used in manufacture.  








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