Wooden Patio Furniture for a Natural Look

wooden patio furnitureIs Wooden Patio Furniture the Best Choice Out There?

Patio furniture is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. The choices of the material that this furniture is constructed of also has become more and more popular and advanced.   A decade or so ago, you would have chosen from among a few choices, such as different types of wood, wicker, and plastic.

Why Wood Patio Furniture is Still Considered the Best?

In order to see how and why people consider wood patio furniture to be the best available, let us look at the disadvantages of some other common materials used in the manufacturing of patio furniture.

Metal patio furniture – The furniture made out of metal, such as cast iron and aluminum, are indeed beautiful and sturdy. The aluminum patio furniture is durable and light, as well as almost free of any maintenance requirements, so this makes the furniture good and durable. The aluminum furniture, however, usually comes with iron screws that often rust after time, giving it a disheveled look. On the other hand the wrought iron furniture is quite breakable and attracts rust.

The wicker patio furniture – The looks of this type of furniture is very close to that of wood patio furniture; however, that is where the similarity ends.  The wicker is beautiful and sturdy and has less disadvantages than the metal furniture, but if wicker is not treated well, the weather can get to it and spoil its looks in as little as two years.

Plastic patio furniture – Let us look at the plastic patio furniture, which is indeed almost trouble free. It requires zero maintenance and it can look like wood or iron if you bought it painted or painted it yourself. Unfortunately, many times the molded furniture is not finished properly resulting in extremely cheap looking furniture.  If the plastic furniture is finished well, then the set is indeed a best buy since it is cheap; it looks good, and needs no maintenance. However, it is very rare that the plastic furniture is finished really well.

This is why in the end most people settle for wood patio furniture. Nothing beats wood’s beauty and long lasting durability.  The most popular wood used for patio furniture is cedar. Cedar patio furniture contains a special oil that protects it from bad weather and insect attacks.

Check out your choices carefully, you will probably find that your best bet is wood patio furniture.







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