Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Invest in Wrought Iron Patio Furniture to Last a Lifetime

One of the most popular items on our wish lists in the summer is patio furniture, and depending on the budget you have, there are a number of choices out there that can keep you pondering before making the big decision. There are two main factors amongst others you should consider – durability and weather resistance – both of which wrought iron patio furniture provide.

The Benefits of Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Always in style, ever so elegant, wrought iron patio furniture matches any house style or design; one can get it to fit modern decors as well as antique and old fashioned.

Besides being everlasting as far as the design goes one can say the same about the material – it is practically indestructible. It can hold any weight and size without suffering the slightest of damage.

Maintenance of Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

To ensure weather resistance one must paint the wrought iron patio furniture regularly; it can be left outside in the winter once treated. Do not forget to remove the cushions or any other materials besides the furniture that is made of wrought iron.

About Wrought Iron

The word ‘wrought’ is the old past tense of the verb ‘to work’, which makes the iron - worked iron. Wrought iron is commercially pure iron with very little carbon content (0.15%) and usually will contain some slag. Some wrought iron properties are:

* It is tough, malleable and can be easily welded.
* It gets soft at white heat and it can be easily forged and welded.
* It can be used to form temporary magnets but cannot magnetize permanently.
* It is moderately elastic.
* It resists corrosion.
* It melts at approx 1500 centigrade.
* Its specific gravity is about 7.8.

Besides the fact that it must be painted regularly to keep it weatherproof the main disadvantage of wrought iron patio furniture is that it is expensive. But the silver lining to that is it will last you a lifetime without going out of style. There is every chance you will be able to the next generation and the one after that, so the investment is well worth it.

Wrought iron patio furniture can be dressed up or down – if you throw a table cloth on top of the table and dress the chairs, you can have a posh set in minutes, yet when you take them of it can be as casual as you like.

A lightweight metal alternative to wrought iron is cast aluminium patio furniture.









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